For a new home buyer, a home is not just a place to live but it involves years of hard work, savings and planning. These days more Indians are looking forward to buying their own houses rather than living in […]

Windlass Developers enters Residential, Commercial, Retail and Hospitality segments The real estate sector in India stands at the second place in providing employment after agriculture. It is estimated to grow at 30% over the next decade and reach $180 billion […]

The population in India has been witnessing a rapid increase since a long time. Moreover, with urbanization there is a mass exodus of rural population towards the metro cities which raises major concerns like urban expansion, livability, and unemployment. The […]

Reserve Bank of India hiked the REPO rate by 25 basis points on June 6, 2018. However, even before the RBI announced the increase in rates, many banks had already increased their MCLR (Marginal Cost of Funds based on Lending […]