Cosmopolitan Cities Report Cases of Growing Senior Abuse

June 21st, 2018

With diminishing family sizes, it has become very difficult for an individual to maintain relationships and associations with each other. It is vividly clear that metro cities provide economic prosperity and every other service that a person requires but leading a life in cosmopolitan cities turns demanding when it is about living spaces and time management. The life led at these cities is fast paced with little or no time for each other resulting into faded social infrastructure.

The people who are most affected by this are children and especially the elders. The family gets apart and children are left alone at homes. The biggest change is faced by the elders of the house as either they end up living in an old age home or are neglected even at homes. The most recent survey done by the HelpAge India shows that Delhi is among the five Indian cities that have reported high percentage of elderly abuse.

The report shows that these cities report the highest percentage of elders being abused or mistreated by the family members.  In many cases the seniors do not report the issues to maintain family confidentiality or they do not know how to deal with this scenario.

The major problem that leads to such crimes is due to poor of no planning for old age. Unlike foreign countries, Indians prefer to stay with families. Seniors in India always prefer to live in joint families but due to exodus of younger generation in search of jobs and economic stability, the family size is diminishing. This results into the isolation of the seniors.  In many cases, people spend their hard earned money is settling their kids and later become financially reliant on them. Soon after they realise that their own kids are neglecting them. Hence, it is very important for every individual to be self-reliant, financially secure and plan for a better tomorrow.

Therefore, it becomes important for every individual to plan their retirement life in advance. Moreover, it is very important for every individual to understand the key components of retirement planning as it is the best way to save for the future because a financially secure senior is less liable to get abused and enjoys the freedom to spend their life on their terms. It is imperative to plan a residential space for oneself, a place where an individual intends to spend their life.

Dehradun standing clear from the crime and pollution offers itself as one of the best suited examples for leading a blissful, happy and healthy life. Dehradun is also referred as the retirement city by many people and the developers are building unsurpassed projects especially for the seniors. Among various developers, Windlass River Valley provides a comfortable, healthy and cohesive community feeling to the seniors.

Windlass Developers introduced Windlass Golden Residences, which is a dedicated field aimed at providing well-planned Senior Living apartments. This includes wheelchair friendly blocks and apartments: ramps and wide doorways, emergency response system, grab rails in the bathroom and rooms, anti-skid tiles, curved wall edges, floor lights, arthritis friendly bathroom fittings etc. In addition to these, dedicated home maintenance staff, drivers on call, and house staff on call facilities are also provided.

Windlass Golden Residences- premium senior living residential spaces- believe that these homes will not only focus on the social and personal requirements that an elder needs or may require in the future, but also provides them an opportunity to age gracefully. It gives them a platform to live a life of dignity and independence.

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