Our commitment and belief to preserve the ‘water level’

July 22nd, 2019

WRV is installing Rain Water Harvesting System to restore and rejuvenate ground water table for future generations

According to the UN report on water conservation, almost 21 Indian cities are on the verge of exhausting the ground water creating a major threat of unavailability of drinking water from 2020. These circumstances make it necessary to adopt prompt measures to install new ways and means to save the critical natural resource, water. Moreover, by 2030 almost 40% of India’s population will have no access to drinking water worsening the situation by 2040 when the country will run out of drinking water completely.

The above numbers are disturbing and scary. The reason for this emerging crisis is the growing population and poor management. The excess use of groundwater along with increase in bio and chemical pollutants in the water sources has limited the availability of usable water fit for drinking. Many rural areas of the country only have access to traditional sanitation which increases the pollution in the water sources and thus limiting the availability of fresh usable water. These situations call for extreme measures to curb the water crisis and thus requirement for saving and restoring the ground water table.

The most easy and affordable way to save water is to collect, reuse and restore the rain water. The water collected through rains can be filtered by installing easy and pocket friendly technology that makes it fit for household purposes. In other settings it can be directly fed to the ground water thus help in maintaining the ground water table. In most of the cases the rain water goes into the drains and thus gets wasted. Therefore, by installing a Rain Water Harvesting system we can save and reuse this natural resource.

Windlass River Valley is offering its share to the environment

While constructing Windlass River Valley, every aspect for providing a comfortable life to the residents has been taken into consideration and various smart features and facilities are being created. The prevailing water crisis and concerns are the result of depleting ground water level of the country and therefore, saving water for our future generations has become the most significant task to pursue. Adhering to the belief of giving back to the environment, Windlass River Valley is being equipped with various environmentally friendly facilities including Rain Water Harvesting System, Sewage Treatment Plant, Water Treatment Plant, etc.

Dehradun receives moderate rainfall annually and with abundant water resources and moderate climatic conditions the city provides an adequate amount of usable water. Nevertheless, it is important to save natural resources for our future generations. Windlass River Valley has made a detailed plan for accumulating and restoring rain water by installing Rain Water Harvesting Systems within the township.

Rain Water Harvesting System at Windlass River Valley

The system is developed to collect and restore 100% rain water into the ground water table by channelizing the rain water into a pit through 300 mm pipes networked all across the township. The water collected will be directed through a Desilting chamber which disintegrates the silt and other unwanted material from the water and will then pass across interconnecting pipes while getting filtered through 6 inches SS Screen Mesh. The collected water gets accumulated in Rain Water Harvesting Pits with a capacity of 6000-8000 litres, which will then be restored to the ground water table via 80 feet long pipe fitted underground. The system is designed to collect all the rain water to restore and rejuvenate the ground water table at Windlass River Valley.

Apart from rain water harvesting system, Windlass River Valley is dedicated to saving and reusing the used water within the township. A specialised and technologically advanced Sewage Treatment Plant is also being set up to ensure 100% treatment of the sewage collected within the township. The treated water from this plant will be used for landscaping and flushing in the toilets and the other waste will be converted into organic manure. Windlass River Valley is the first and the only project in Uttarakhand to install such a plant. The township is well equipped with numerous nature friendly techniques and green areas to retain healthy and revitalized environment that is best suited for every age group to lead a comfortable and healthy lifestyle.

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