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December 7th, 2018

The new generation of families in India is witnessing a shift from the traditional joint family structure to a nuclear family setup. The evolving family structure has resulted in more responsibilities for each family member. Crucial responsibilities like safety and security, overall home management, child’s studies, school drop and pick up, etc, are all on the shoulders of the parents. Earlier grandparents or uncles and aunts in the family would help the parents and work would get divided but now the parents have to be responsible for everything related to children, their own work, as well as home. In order to meet these emerging needs, the realty sector is investing in gated societies that offer facilities and features at the doorstep to lend a helping hand to the parents.

Designed and conceptualized with premium facilities and smart features, Windlass River Valley provides defined atmosphere for indoor and outdoor activities in combination with facilities like Multi-specialty Hospital, Hotel, School, Mall & Multiplex and Club.  Windlass Developers started constructing Windlass River Valley Township with a vision of meeting the needs and demands of each section of the society.

Windlass is focused on developing areas that meet the desires and requirements of the children. Along with providing great locality, social infrastructure and all the basic requirements, the township is well-equipped with facilities like mall and multiplex that will offer fun-filled entertaining retreat for the kids. They can watch a movie within the perimeters of the gated township without being troubled with the conveyance issues.

Windlass River Valley is dedicated to constructing a world-class educational institute to offer best schooling to the children residing within the township and the nearby areas.  An outstanding school for approximately 2000 students will be constructed within the township. The school will nurture the young minds by employing teachers and other staff that dedicates itself to ensure the holistic development of a child.

Moreover, the sporting facilities inside the township will contribute towards enhancing the lifestyle and physical development of the child. Each student will be provided a platform to try all sports. With the number of sporting facilities there is no limit to the sports they can play. Windlass has recently inaugurated their newly built Windlass Sports Complex with the sporting facilities like Football Ground, Volleyball, Basketball and Lawn Tennis Courts. The football ground is equipped with green grass cover to provide a comfortable playing experience. The basketball, volleyball and tennis courts are being structured with 8 layers of approved colour synthetic acrylic as per the international associations’ norms and standards, which also make the playtime comfortable and enjoyable.

Moreover, a number of outdoor green play areas will be maintained within the township where the children can spend their free time involved in out-of-door games. Within the Windlass Gymkhana Club numerous hobby classes like dance, music, arts and crafts, Zumba, taekwondo, etc will also be available to the children where they can enhance their love for extra-curricular activities along with extensive indoor sporting areas including badminton, squash courts, table tennis, gymnasium, swimming pools and many more.

One of the biggest concern of parents is the well-being, safety and security of their kids. Windlass has installed world class CCTV security and surveillance instruments at every nook and corner of the township including corridors and open areas. Trained and armed security personnel will guard the township 24×7 and every visitor will be enquired and security checked before entering the premises. Children below the age of 18 years will not be allowed to leave the premises without the consent and approval of their parents or guardians.

The highlight of the Windlass River Valley Township is the Skywalk equipped with kids play areas, open gym, candy, ice cream and juice kiosks, coffee house, etc. They can spend some quality family time or can hang out with their friends here.

Windlass Developers is committed to providing a right balance to a child’s growth. On one hand we are building a world class school for the kid’s educational needs, and on the other we are providing the children with plenty sporting facilities, extra-curricular activities, and entertainment options. We believe that a child cannot have a wholesome growth by just studying. It is important in today’s world to have exposure to all activities and sports. Parents want to give their children the world however due to distances, or safety concerns or time constraints they are unable to do so, however at the Windlass River Valley township, the kids can grow into evolved people with access to world class facilities without leaving their home.

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