Real Estate automates with technology

April 26th, 2018

Throughout history, most of the inventions are influenced by the nature and the demand for a better form of usable materials. Since ever humans are trying to incorporate various scientific calculations along with the valuable and operational items to improve the living style and standard. These experiments gave birth to the new technology which changed the face of the world and proved beneficial to run various components of the life cycle.

In the current scenario, our life is surrounded by technology and our dependence on it is increasing on a day to day basis. From morning alarms to quick breakfast, computers and laptops for official and personal works to transportation- everything is dependent upon the technology. Similarly, various sectors like agriculture, real estate, and education etc are also dependent on technology.

Although the real estate sector is a combination of natural and artificial resources like land and buildings-residential or commercial- its dependence on technology has been increasing periodically. The concept of buying, selling, renting houses is deeply linked to the technological advancements. The sector is using latest technologies- skills, machinery and tools to provide the best in class construction to people.

The primitive process of erecting buildings and complexes has been changed with the introduction of latest technologies like Mivan Shuttering Technology that offers earthquake resistant structures in a lesser time period. As compared to the old-age brickwork, the newest form of technology (Mivan) allows an individual to play with different concepts, designs, and styles in the construction process. The work becomes easy as the structure is thoroughly completed by pouring the concrete at one time. One of the most iconic buildings Burj Khalifa is also constructed by using the same technology.

The southern part of India had been utilizing this new technology for a long time for constructing durable structures. The Mivan Shuttering Technology allows speedy construction outlining the quality, durability, strength, finishing, and efficiency of the structure. In 2015, Windlass Developers took the initiative of introducing the Mivan Shuttering technology in North India and planned on constructing the first fully integrated smart township in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. Windlass River Valley is first of its kind in North India and is dedicated to offering strong earthquake resistant residential houses and commercial complexes to 3160 families.

Since Uttarakhand lies in the High damage risk zone (seismic zone) and is prone to earthquakes, it is imperative to construct buildings and complexes that are earthquake resistant and provide relief from sudden vibrations under the earth. Along with the risk-zone factor various other issues like shortage of available land spaces, properly constructed residential apartments, lack of parking spaces and kids play areas, being faced by the residents of Uttarakhand, Windlass Developers planned on constructing a smart township that is committed in providing relief from such major issues with the assistance of new and smart technology.

Windlass River Valley will be well-equipped with latest and user-friendly technology that will help, guide and secure the residents in best possible ways. Windlass has strategized the use of best and updated technological advances like fibre to home, Building Management System, MyGate app, 24×7 CCTV security and surveillance, Direct Piped Cooking Gas, Smart Metering- Electric and water, etc will help in leading a healthy, active, comfortable, secure and smart life at Windlass River Valley.

The use of technology is radically transforming the real estate sector. The current settings of the construction segment permit the home buyers to look into the desired location, home, residential apartments, etc on their computers, laptops and even on phones. All the details are available on the internet and any home buyer can look into the specifics of any part of the world. The technology has reduced the distance between the developer and the home buyer. Along with that, the banking and payment issues have also been resolved with the use of technology as everything is available on computers, laptops or mobile phones.

Along with many transformations in the real estate sector, the government of India has digitally modified the sector by introducing RERA which is technically advanced system enabling every home buyer to check the authenticity and credibility of the current property related projects and also creating the transparency in the system. The data is being digitalized and is made available to every citizen. The developers are also using various chatting applications and software to get in touch with the buyers and investors residing far away. With these technical advances, the scientific progressions like Drones and virtual reality are also being adopted to explain the ongoing and future scenario of the property or construction. While being in the comfort of their homes, the buyers can see the current progress of the project and can also connect with the developer via various available chatting options.

People these days require homes that are technically advanced and equipped with modern functions like fiber to home, Wi-Fi, hi-tech kitchen and other equipment. With the growing dependence on technology, the demand for better solutions and scientific measures inspire the tech minds to create better and comfortable life care products. In today’s world, the interiors of a home are decorated with furniture and styling items that are technically advanced that helps the residents in completing their daily chores in quick and better way and also serves them for a longer time period.

Windlass is offering technically advanced features and amenities to assist the seniors in their golden years by incorporating most efficient and updated mechanical and methodological assistance in every field – wheelchair-friendly blocks and apartments, grab-rails, anti-skid tiles, bigger size electrical switches with indicators and Emergency Response System which can be used in case of emergencies which will be technically connected with the authorized departments.

Not just the exteriors of our homes but the interiors are also influenced by the sciences and technical expertise. In most the cases the tech minds have succeeded in providing us multifunctional home décor. The consumers, as well as the designers, are constantly leveraging the technology for creating new home spaces and designer furniture pieces. The technology has affected the real estate sector in more ways than we could ever imagine. The construction sector is deeply associated with our lives and day to day works and our deep association and longing for the newest and technically advanced living style features empower the developers and builders assemble the state-of- the-art and unsurpassed technology for the people.

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