‘Smaller is Better’

June 4th, 2019

Studio Apartments are transforming living space culture

As per the data released by the UN, the current population of India is approximately 1,367,338,046, out of which almost 100 million move from their native lands in search of work. This exodus of the population to a different city is associated with the increase in the demand for the living spaces. The population includes bachelors, couples and in many cases whole family move to another city.

The increase in population has given birth to many real estate builders and developers  who are dedicated in providing affordable to premium residential housing solutions to the people. With the technological advancements it has become easier for these builders and developers to provide best in class facilities to the people.

The housing solutions include several unit sizes from 1 BHK apartment to an increased number of rooms and facilities, depending upon the pocket size of the occupant. The major change that has been introduced in the residential housing scenario comes in smaller spaces vividly known as the Studio apartments. These are basically single room living spaces equipped with many facilities and features that have turned out to be very pocket-friendly and convenient for the bachelors, students, working class and for people looking for affordable housing options.

Studio apartments are a combination of a single room playing as living room, bedroom, lounge and the dining area with attached washroom and kitchenette. These apartments are best suited for people who want to downsize their living space either due to migration to a different city or any other issues. Studio apartments have gained popularity in the western countries and many people are downsizing their living spaces and welcoming the studio culture for being convenient, affordable and sweet on pockets.

Below are the reasons why studio apartments are better option compared to other apartment sizes:

  1. Affordability: Being smaller in size and with no extra room attached to them, these have greater affordability as compared to other apartment sizes. Budgeted here means lower housing rates, easy home loans, lower EMI to be paid, therefore, increased savings every month.
  2. Choice of areas within a city: When an individual saves more, they have an upper hand in choosing the area they want to live in. The options for the localities remains open; and individual can choose from a hip neighbourhood to a place near to their workplace.
  3. Manageable: For the working class it is extremely difficult to manage big houses, therefore, studio apartments are better option as they require less time to clean and manage.
  4. No need for extra furniture: The most advantageous option again comes with respect to financial gains. These apartments do not require any extra furniture and makes it easier for the occupant to choose better and approximately sized furniture rather than stuffing in more furnishings and in return helps in more savings. These homes are definitely junk free as the occupant cannot accumulate everything and anything.
  5. Less costing utilities: During changing seasons, and individual switches from AC/Coolers to heaters and blowers. Bigger the space more the expenditure on the electrical and electronic appliances including lighting, as compared to studio apartments that turns the costing scenario to a minimum.

After appearing on the list of upcoming smart cities of India, Dehradun is expanding in different sectors including the real estate. Many developers and builders are experimenting with new and advanced techniques to build and offer the best residential housing options to its customers. However, Windlass Developers are the first real estate developers who introduced the globally accepted and admired Studio apartment culture in Dehradun.

Dehradun is widely known as the educational hub that offers education options to a great number of students and is also expanding with respect to offering employment opportunities in multiple sectors. The students and the working class coming to the capital city are forced to opt PGs and hostels as housing options, which in most cases are not comfortable to live in as they do not offer privacy and independence. Therefore, understanding the needs and requirements of the students and the working class, well furnished, equipped, manageable and budgeted Studio apartments are being constructed within Windlass River Valley.

All in all, studio apartments are the best way to streamline the life by investing in efficiency apartments that comes with financial benefits along with requiring minimum expenditure and low maintenance.

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