Smart Technology for Smart Homes

February 17th, 2018

Smart Technology

People from hilly areas of Uttarakhand are migrating towards the capital city in search of better education and employment opportunities. Dehradun being an educational hub offers a number of schools and colleges for higher education. Along with that the city is providing abundant employment opportunities in various sectors like Real Estate, Hospitality, Pharmaceuticals, Information Technology etc.

Another major factor that resulted in the mass migration from the hills towards Dehradun were the catastrophic floods of June 2013 that hit Uttarakhand. More than 5000 people lost their lives, out if which 1000 were locals. Thousands of families were displaced and this forced the locals to rethink about their safety. The Garhwal mountains are prone to landslides and people keep losing their homes and livelihood to natural calamities. Many people chose to move to better Dehradun and look for a better life.

Due to the constraint of plain areas in the state, land availability for housing construction process is affected which increases the rates of the accessible land. Along with that the rent or the management of the big homes turns out to be a big financial deal, which gave birth to the apartment complexes in the city. Various residential flats started mushrooming in areas like Sahastradhara Road and Rajpur Road that provide residences sans amenities and smart features required for a comfortable and healthy life. These apartments use traditional form of construction process and the quality of the raw material is also compromised which impacts the quality of construction work. Moreover, these apartments lack proper parking spaces, parks and open areas for kids that force children to either stay indoors or play on the roads which is unsafe for them.

Windlass understands that good real estate projects are lacking in Dehradun. Quality construction is not happening yet as the real estate market in Dehradun is not as matured at Delhi-NCR. To provide an ease in construction process a cost-effective, durable, strong and fast Aluminum Shuttering Technology was developed by European Construction Company which is being promoted for its ability to aid mass qualitative construction activities proving economical and satisfactory.

Windlass River Valley is planned and being constructed by using the best construction technology available in the world which has been used for erecting most iconic and solid structures like Burj Khalifa- Dubai, UA Athorn Housing- Bangkok, L&T- Hyderabad, Brigade, Prestige- Sobha Developers- Bangalore, Raheja Corporation, Lodha Developers- Mumbai etc.

Mivan Tecnolgy
(Top) Aluminium Formwork under process; (Top Right) Building work before the filling of RCC through the Mivan Shuttering process; (Bottom Right) Ongoing construction process.

The important factors that led Windlass Developers use this technology are:

  • The construction work is durable.
  • This form of work provides safety, speed and strength as compared to traditional forms of construction.
  • Walls and slabs are cast in one operation thus less joints, negligible leakage or seepage issues and smooth finishing.
  • It provides uniform quality of construction work.
  • This construction process helps in faster completion of building work.
  • Mivan formwork requires relatively less labour thereby is cost-effective.
  • Cast-in-situ operation provides superior quality as casting of whole structure and transverse walls is done in continuous maneuver.
  • Strong and sturdy forms are fabricated with accuracy and precision and are easy to handle.

Windlass has also installed an in-house Ready Mix Concrete Plant (RMC) by Schwing Stetter, Germany, to ensure that an unsurpassed structure is constructed using best products. To maintain the quality of the products an on-site Quality Control Laboratory has also been set up.The raw material required for the construction process is bought after the approval from the concerned departments and then is utilized for the construction work. The concrete mix is constantly tested in the lab and thereafter used for the building work.

Windlass Developers adheres by the foundations of the Windlass Group and offers strong and durablestructures to the residents of the township; they are dedicated in providing the world class facilities and therefore are working hard to provide a safe and comfortable life to every individual.

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