Smart Townships- New trend in residential housing

February 2nd, 2018

Dehradun, the state capital of Uttarakhand is one of the oldest cities of India which derives its name from the historical fact that Guru Ram Rai, the eldest son of Seventh Sikh Guru Har Rai, set up his ‘dera’ (camp) in ‘dun’ (valley) in 1676. It later on termed as Dehradun. Dehradun finds its roots deeply engraved in the famous Hindu mythologies like Ramayana and Mahabharata.

Uttarakhand region comprises of 90% mountainous region and only a few cities like Dehradun, Haridwar, Rishikesh, and Roorkee with plain landscapes. Therefore, the masses from the hilly regions migrate towards these cities for better educational, professional and living opportunities. Being the capital city, Dehradun observes the significant diaspora of the majority which is increasing the population of Dehradun. Looking at the population statistics of last 5 years of Dehradun, the population has increased by 0.04 million every year. As per the Population census the estimated population of Dehradun by the end of 2017 was considered to be 10.32 million.

Since its inception as the state capital, Dehradun witnessed fast growth in major employment sectors which persuaded the residents of the hilly regions to migrate towards the Doon valley for better livelihood options. The dispersion of the masses was responsible for the scanty housing options in the city and in turn introduced the concept of housing colonies which forced the city to grow in an unorganized and chaotic manner. These housing options were enough to provide dwellings to its residents but were lacking in basic amenities and other features like walking areas, parks and play areas, parking facilities etc.

Being one of the oldest cities of India, Dehradun is deeply enrooted into the traditional fabric of the state which is vividly clear in the customs and culture of Dehradun. The natives of the state capital were not ready to explore new residential housing options like residential apartments and preferred living in big ancestral houses which in a way was responsible for scanty basic amenities.

To fulfill the emerging requirements of the people of Dehradun, Windlass came up with Windlass Residency in 2009 in the upmarket Dalanwala area and arose as the pioneers in the field of the providing the best in class well-constructed residential apartments and constructed 112- 3BHK apartments providing luxury and comfort to its residents. While the apartments were being constructed, Windlass Group faced resentment from the residents of the area as they were unaware of the importance of staying in apartments and the availability of basic resources that were being provided in the apartment complex.

However, Windlass Residency emerged as a landmark project and aided people in changing their mindset towards the new residential housing option. It turned as an instant success and since then many other apartment complexes started mushrooming everywhere in Dehradun. In the current scenario more than 500 apartment complexes –finished or unfinished- are being constructed in the city. All these complexes are based on the same concept of providing similar residential model with small parking and walking areas.

After a detailed and thorough study of the need and requirements of the residents of Dehradun, Windlass Developers introduced a novel concept of constructing Smart Township in Dehradun, which is planned to lead a massive change in the landscape and lives of the natives. Although the concept of townships is very popular in Delhi-NCR but Windlass is reinventing the wheel and is bringing high quality township culture in the state capital of Uttarakhand.

Windlass Developers is constructing Windlass River Valley, a RERA registered project focused on developing the Largest Integrated Smart Township of North India in Dehradun which is one of its kind in North India. The township is focused in providing premium range of residential apartments, well-equipped with all the basic amenities and smart features.

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