Sports teach winning or learning!

January 25th, 2018


It is very important for every individual to live a happy, healthy and an active life and to achieve these qualities it is important to work hard with strong will power and determination. Sports and physical education help in enhancing and stimulating mental, emotional and physical growth of a child.

However, it becomes very difficult for the residents of Dehradun to focus on this important aspect of a child’s life due to scanty playing areas in the city. When Uttarakhand was announced as the 27th state of India in 2000, the state capital started growing in a fast and unorganized manner. The residential areas and communities provide homes but lack kids areas, parks or open areas. Windlass Developers understands the requirement of sporting areas and has planned on constructing various sporting areas along with residential houses.

Sports play a vital role in overall development and mental growth of a child. There are many researches highlighting that children experimenting with academics and sports are more focused and disciplined. Sports help in gaining concentration and teach time-management to an individual. Studies show that a physically active child is likely to be well-rested and mentally sharp therefore physical activities are very well known to reduce the stress level which helps a child overcome the problems like anxiety and depression.

If we compare the benefits from sports and academics, it is easier to understand that sports help in boosting and shaping up the managerial, organizational and decision-making skills of a child while academics would help in influencing knowledge base and psychological development of the child. Sports help in building a child’s character as it boosts strategic and analytical thinking, leadership skills, goal settings and risk taking factors.

There is a very important relation between sports and child psychology. Participating in sports is not only important in creating champions but also to understand that a child learns and witnesses the concept of success and failures. It leads to the development of child’s sporting attitude; s/he learns to handle struggles and glitches of one’s life. While shaping up the personality and character of a child sports enhance five components of a child’s life strength, speed, skill, stamina and flexibility.

It is very important to teach a child the importance of participation in sports and considering it as a learning experience. Sports and physical activities provide a forum to understand how to deal with the competition and specially winning or losing. Every child should be taught that it is imperative to be focused on the goal but also to remember that the winners and strongest people aren’t the ones who always win but the one who never give up.

Another major factor related with sports is good physical and mental health. Playing sports help release tension and stress in a controlled way and improves sleep patterns and reduces the level of anxiety. Children are designed to play and experiment and therefore should always be encouraged to divert their energy towards different sports and physical activities.

Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi said, “I don’t look at sports as something which merely tones up the body. I look at it as a tool of education that stimulates the mind and brings in a culture of discipline.”

Although many people believe that sports and academics together can be tricky task to handle but with proper guidance and communication children can benefit from sports while enjoying the academics. Sports help them gain energy and focus to study and perform better in every stage of their life. Programs based on sports have shown that learning experience of children improves and they are seemed more dedicated towards academics.

Windlass Developers focusses on providing a vigorous, blissful and dynamic life to the residents of the township especially the seniors and children. The township is offering coaching facilities for various sports and is constructing sporting facilities like Football Ground, 2 Volleyball Courts, 2 Cricket nets, 2 Squash Court, 4 Tennis Courts, 6 Swimming pools, 4 Badminton Courts, 2 Basketball Courts, 9-Hole Mini Golf Course, 4 Yoga Lawns, 2 Outdoor Skating Rinks, 10 table tennis, 6 kids play areas, Gymnasium, Rock Climbing Wall, Jogging Track and Hobby Classes within the township. To enhance the holistic development of children Windlass is dedicated in offering physical and sporting activities and is focused on constructing a school to provide world class educational facility to the children of the township and the city.

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