Three Essential R’s for every Household-Reuse, Recycle, Reduce

January 7th, 2019

An apartment or a Villa, ground floor or a terrace-top – every living space needs special touch to transform it into a home fit for every member of the family. The most current transformation method includes turning homes and surroundings into an eco-friendly space that not only conserves natural resources but are based on 3 R’s i.e. reuse, recycle and reduce. It is evident that people around the world are becoming environmentally-conscious that not only contributes to a more sustainable atmosphere but also is friendly to our pockets.

Observing enough green and eco-friendly homes will resolve some major issues like power cuts, waste management including managed water waste up to a great extent. Some quick tips to convert each home into a saving bank for the environment are:

Prepare a green spot in each household or offices

Offering a green space not only provides beauty to a household but also luxury and a healthy environment with pure and refreshing air quality for the members of a family. One can equip the spaces with terrace gardens, indoor plants to vertical gardens that transform a home into an environment friendly space. These include a wide range of seeds, plants and accessories like self-watering plants that help in maintaining the green spot in a better and convenient way.

In offices also we can use potted and indoor plants in order to provide elegance in our work station combined with a healthy and clean environment.

Reuse the water

By reusing the water at home, the growing scarcity of this natural resource can be managed in the most effective and convenient way. We practically use drinking water from watering plants to flushing the toilets. The reuse of waste water will not only behave as a resource but also will manage the water bills for each household. Waste water (without chemicals) can be used for agricultural purposes like watering the plants and landscapes.

Water from sinks and showers can be reused in cleaning the outdoor verandah and the driveways, for watering the grass, etc. The water after the laundry cleaning can be directed towards the flush tanks for toilets or can also be utilized for outdoor cleaning.

Go herbal, go organic, and go solar!

Using herbal or organic substances for cleaning and other purposes at homes will reduce the chemicals in the ground water table. Using chemical free products reduces the level of harmful chemicals in the environment, thus, claiming healthy and friendly surroundings. Also to keep in mind the reuse and recycle of kitchen scraps will turn useful in making manures for the plants and vegetation and will also reduce the trash that goes waste into the dumping yards.

Use of solar power for household purposes reduces the electricity bill up to a great extent and also helps in consuming and understanding the use of most easily available and cost-effective natural resource like sun. Solar panels can easily be installed in every household which provides light and power supply for a longer time period and can also be restored to be used for later purposes.

Along with these a conscious choice of the electrical purposes like LED lighting turns energy efficient, therefore, helps in reducing the electricity bills. Technologically advanced appliances now include cost-effective or solar powered fans, appliances and light fixtures, plus, using the natural light during the day will also help in maintaining the bills and saving the resources.

Change recycling habits

Keeping two dustbins together for organic and non-organic waste will help in separating the plastic and harmful substances from the organic remaining. On one hand the organic waste can be recycled for other purposes while the plastic waste can be directed towards the municipal waste bins. This practice also helps in making our new generation understand the benefits of segregating the waste and saving the natural resources from being spoiled with the harmful products.

Reduce the use of paper to save trees

Out of the totally cut timber, almost 40% of the wood is used to manufacture paper. The loss of timber results into depleting green cover and disturbing the natural habitats. The more convenient and affordable the printing has become, the wastage of paper has also increased. We should try to go paperless up to a possible extent by replacing paper towels in kitchen and other areas and going digital to reduce the use of paper in banking, travelling and other imaginable areas.

Windlass Developers has gone a step ahead of other developers in North India to provide energy efficient and environment friendly alternatives to offer a healthy, clean and green environment to the residents of the township and the nearby areas. Windlass River Valley is planned to be equipped with Rain Water Harvesting System- to collect and reuse the rain water for landscapes and vegetation around the township, Organic Waste Management system- the organic waste from each household will be collected and used to produce manures for the landscapes and vegetation, Drip Irrigation system- it helps water directly reach the roots of the plants thus preventing the evaporation and reducing the wastage of water by sprinkling.

It is evident that our natural resources are depleting and therefore it is necessary to take some major steps in order to reduce the wastage and saving these resources for our future generations. Turning eco-friendly will not only reduce the consumption of natural reserves but also help in creating a green and clean living space for ourselves and together we can create an environment fit for all living beings.

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