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March 9th, 2018


Becoming a parent is one of the most beautiful experiences in the life of an individual. Every parent aspires to give their child the best of everything and make sure that the child grows into a responsible and successful adult. Parenting is a process of promoting and supporting the physical, emotional, social and intellectual development of a child. In this complete parenting process a happy home is the key aspect of a blissful and responsible child.Other than the society,a well-knit family plays an important role in the development of a child.

With the modernizing of society some individuals, especially women choose to be a single parent; starting from Bollywood celebrities like Sushmita Sen who became a single mother of a girl child at the age 25 to the youngest single father of India, Aditya Tiwari who adopted a child with Down’s Syndrome at the age of 28. It is more of a choice than a forced responsibility, which generally arises due to untimely death of a parent, separation or divorce of parents. Although the parenting process is chosen still the issues and problems remain the same. The problems can be related with finances to other resources, from spending quality time as a family to proper guidance of the child due to work schedule of the parent and most importantly the safety and security issues.

Windlass River Valley will house 3160 families and is functioning on providing the best and updated solutions for all the basic necessities of the residents. With these number of families approximately 14000 people will reside in the township providing a cohesive community to every individual which will solve the biggest issue of a single parent- sense of isolation.The children as well as the parent will not feel lonely as they will have an option of moving out of home and enjoying the company of all age groups. The River Valley residents will have access to a mobile application through which they can keep a check on their children and the visitors while they are out of their home.

Safety and security: For a single parent the most important concern is the safety and security of the child in their absence.River Valley offers 24×7 CCTV security and surveillance along with well-trained security staff. The access into the township is guarded by a gated facility where the visitor’s entry will be restricted to only the concerned areas. The entry gates and other areas of the township will be secured by the ex-defense personnel and other well-trained security staff.

Childcare support: To take care of a small child while working can be another challenging task as it is impossible to leave the child at home unattended or take him/her to the work place. To relieve this pressure, River Valley is equipped with a pre-school and day care facility in the Windlass Club of the township. The children will be attended by trained staff, which will take care of the child’s needs and requirements while providing them with quality education.

Play areas: For a child sports and outdoor activities are very important but for a single parent it becomes difficult to dedicate the required time. River Valley is offering coaching facilities for various sports and is constructing sporting facilities like Football Ground, an Olympic sized swimming pool, 2 Volleyball Courts, 2 Cricket nets, 2 Squash Court, 4 Tennis Courts, 6 Swimming pools, 4 Badminton Courts, 2 Basketball Courts, 9-Hole Mini Golf Course, 4 Yoga Lawns, 2 Outdoor Skating Rinks, 10 table tennis, 6 kids play areas, Gymnasium, Rock Climbing Wall, Jogging Track and Hobby Classes within the township. To enhance the holistic development of children River Valley is equipped with many physical and sporting activities.

Quality time with children: River Valley will have a mall; 6-screen multiplex and open food street called Chowpatty Bazaar within the township that will provide parents an opportunity to spend quality time with their kids. The parents can take their kids out for a movie or dinner without worrying about travel time. The kids can also entertain themselves with their friends in the absence of their parents, and the parents can be rest assured about their safety.

School: Windlassis focused on constructing an English medium school to provide world class educational facility to the children of the township and the city. The school will be run by top educationists and experienced teachers. The students will also have access to all the sporting facilities available within the township. For any parent it is imperative and a dream to provide best education to their children and a single parent sometimes has to compromise with the schooling due to distances and admission availability.Windlass School will provide equilibrium to sole parents where they can carry on with their profession without struggling hard for their child’s education.

Emergency services: Windlass is constructing a 250+ bedded hospital to provide medical facilities to the residents of the township. 24×7 doctor-on-call and ambulance services will be made available in case of emergencies.

Windlass River Valley is dedicated to being well equipped with the basic facilities and smart features to provide a healthy and comfortable life to the residents of this township.Windlass River Valley is offering 24×7 maintenance staff, 24X7 water and electricity supply and various other facilities to help every resident of the township. Apart from the above mentioned facilities, Windlass offers gymnasium, spa, coffee shops, infinity pools and various activity rooms to keep the children and adults occupied and entertained.

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