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About Us


Corporate Profile

Windlass Developers Pvt. Ltd (Formerly known as Windlass Constructions) is the pioneer in large scale real estate and commercial projects in the state of Uttarakhand. The promoters are born and brought up in the city of Dehradun and have deep roots in the cultural and traditional fabric of the city, and therefore understand the demands and needs of the people of the state.

The group has always strived to build everlasting real estate projects to enable bonding and harmony in families. Our residential communities have been a fostering ground for people to live, work, play and connect. On the commercial front the group’s projects have enabled tremendous growth and success for the businesses in the region.

Our team comprises of industry stalwarts and passionate young people with fresh ideas striving to raise the bar. We build unmatched structures with beautiful aesthetics, innovative designs with the latest technology keeping safety, cost and comfort as our guiding pillars.

Our Global Footprint

Windlass Group has business presence in the following countries around the world.

Vision & Mission

At Windlass Developers Pvt. Ltd (Formerly known as Windlass Constructions) we believe in commitment, uncompromising quality, and honor. Along with providing homes for families and building word-class living spaces, we express our gratitude and good fortune of having worked with thorough professionals and passionate minds in the form of the planners, architects, promoters, and channel partners.

We strongly believe in giving back to the society in which we have grown up and bonded over the years. Our current housing project is a major milestone in this journey. This 45 Lakh sqft housing, & commercial project brings together for the first time in Northern India an integrated township with high quality amenities, club house, school, hospital, shopping malls, multiplex, hotel with state of the art finishes for the people who seek to own such an abode for themselves and their family members. We cannot thank the people enough who have been a part of our journey over the course of 75 years and continue to join us and help us grow in every walk of life.

Chairman’s Message

I feel humbled with the love, respect and honour bestowed upon me by the people of Uttrakhand. In my career spanning 40 years I’ve always worked with 3 guiding pillars – Integrity & Honesty towards work, ensuring well being of my employees and providing best-in-class quality for my customers. With these in mind I bring to you a modern day Smart Township called “Windlass River Valley” which will usher you and your loved ones into the modern day India with supreme lifestyle choices, comfortable homes & for the first time in Uttarakhand a township that brings together Amenities, Education, Healthcare, Sports, Entertainment, Food and Luxury under one roof.

“It’s not just a home, it’s a Lifestyle”

My dream is to enable people to live, work & play through this multi-dimensional, modern, high energy and pulsating Smart township and build many more success stories.